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I have recently acquired a second hand AV2 for a bargain price. I am interested to integrate it with an existing Naim system. The intended setup will be very simple 2 channel with the TV feeding the AV2 audio via the digital optical connection. I am curious what cable I need to connect the AV2 to my 252 and which socket I need to use on the AV2. I assume the the 5 pin DIN on the 252 is the input there.

Thanks in advance.


The AV2 manual states that a “non-standard, reversed” connection cable is necessary to connect to an existing preamp. I assume this means a standard 5 pin DIN to 5 pin DIN interconnect cannot be used to make the connection. Any assistance is welcome.

so you are using the AV2 as a D>A for the TV ? and then feed analogue 2 channel to the 252 ?

Yes. That is the basic idea. Unfortunately, the AV2 apparently comes with a yellow banded 180 5pin DIN to 5pin DIN “two way” cable that was not in the box when I received it. From what I can tell the AV2 plug 3 would output to the AV plug on the 252. I tried a regular 5pin interconnect and it does not seem to work.

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If you look at the manual you can see what the configuration is to operate the versatile analogue settings they allow you to run your 252 in unity gain and drive the surround set up and your front Left/Right driving through the 252. So stereo is unaffected. I run my AV2 this way for cinema through a 32.5/supercap that drives my fronts.

If you are using the 252 as your pre amp and only have 2 channels you would actually be better off driving a DAC from the TV digital out straight into the 252. I think the AV2 is excellent I use my unit effectively as an 8 channel pre amp feeding it analogue so very different use case

PS page 23 of the manual shows your connections

A strange way to use an AV2 if you’re only planning on using your existing 2 speakers. Going straight from the Tv to the 252 will sound much better.

As far as I can tell the only audio out from the tv is either HDMI or Toslink. The 252 accepts neither of those options. I acquired the “two way” yellow banded interconnect required for integrating the AV2 into an existing hi fi. TV in stereo via the 252/300 sounds great!

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There are such things as toslink to RCA converters. I have 2 in my “bits” box.

Is it called a Dac?

Yes, they’re jsut just dedicated to this one purpose of converting toslink to analogue. I posted because the OP wants a solution to use the 252/300 for video purposes. They’re quite cheap - the £12 models are perfectly adequate for that purpose. Just add an appropriate cable (e.g. a 2 RCA > DIN from Flashback), and Bob’s your Aunty! (sic)

Hi, @csl .

The DAC in the AV-2 has got to be at least as good as an in-line converter.

Personally, I would stay the course and let the rather wonderful AV-2 do its thing, since you own it.

I love mine. Very configurable, too.


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I use my AV2 as an 8 channel pre-amp with a modified Panasonic 9000 feeding analogue audio to the AV2. For Cinema its excellent, this configuration for me is better than a high end processor.


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