Avatar halos?

Why do some avatars have halos around them?

Apparently if people reply to threads created by them. Let’s see if it works with this thread.

Nope, must be something else.

I think if yours is the last current reply to your own thread…

This didn’t work with my both first replies. But perhaps when someone else replies to your thread and you say “Thank you” or so.

Indeed :slight_smile:

How did you get that dark background display? Not too keen on the white I have at the moment…

In your profile preferences you can select different themes. I like the grey one.

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Click on your avatar in the top right corner, then “Preferences” (gear wheel), then “Interface”, then “Theme”.

Just found it Rich but thanks anyway.


I had assumed that the halos were granted only to those who consistently had saintly thoughts, which would interestingly give us some insight into the algorithms behind the platform?!


The halo seems to appear when you reply to your own thread after someone else has. The halo disappears again if someone else replies to your thread after your latest reply.

Probably this shall encourage people not to create thread after thread and then walk away from them, leaving them unattended.