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Two iconic celebrities RIP

This Rezerwat is really melodic, interesting and relaxing. Thank you this will go on my new playlist… :sound: :notes:

New tune and video from the superb Inna De Yard sessions
This time featuring the veteran Rocksteady duo of Keith & Tex who recorded many fine songs in the era, I’m sure many will be familiar with their tune Stop That Train and Scotty’s DJ/Toasting version that featured on The Harder They Come soundtrack



Pure Reason Revolution - Bright Ambassadors Of Morning

Title of the song taken from Pink Floyd. The album’s The Dark Third. I love this.

And The Twyncyn

Warning: they fart around a lot for a couple of minutes, song begins 1:40

And finally…

Live again, Bulitts Dominae


This is a wonderfully joyous rendition of George Harrion’s masterpiece My Sweet Lord.

I love the way absolutely the whole huge band are just loving the sound they are creating - and oh boy what a sound…

And while we’re on the subject of awesome talent who cannot fail to be in awe of Jonathan “Sugarfoot” Moffett Michael Jackson’s drummer (or as somebody pointed out he wasn’t Jackson’s drummer, Jackson was Sugarfoot’s singer!)

What astounds me is that he reputedly did this on the first take with no rehearsal and having probably not played the track in 20 years… Absolutely astounding precision tautness and skill, he’s absolutely flawless…


This is Od Ebra do Dunava Live in Vilnius - Barcelona Gipsy balKan Orchestra. It’s in another language but variety is the spice of life and this piece is quite charming…

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Rammstein - Sonne

From the neue deutsche härte album Mutter. I wanted Liebe ist Liber da but they seem to have revisited the original, which was soft porn. They also issued a fully featuring had version that was only available on specific site (with actors doing the naughty bits.

Such is life, benefits playing as circumstances allow.

Lovely Inna De Yard Session commissioned by Institut Francais Du Congo A Pointe -Noire


Oh, that’s just amazing! I think even if most people had 20 years to rehearse that performance by Jonathan Moffett, they couldn’t get anywhere close.

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Back in the eightes when he was presenting The Tube Jools Holland made a short film Jools In Jamaica including this memorable encounter with Scratch who’s not a boaster but a positive toaster…

Happy earthday and rest in power King Scratch


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The Beatles - Please Please Me. Everything you need to know about the release, sixty years ago this week. Another cracking video from from Andrew Milton…


This is Awesome…


NOT posted as a competitor to the fabulous Carl Palmer

However, I was just watching a new reaction to Phil Collins -In The Air Tonight Live - the reactor didn’t know that PC was a drummer🤷‍♂️

In the comments someone suggested watching -I did and to my ears it meets the thread title awesome

Phil Collins - Drums. Drums snd more Drums
with Chester Thompson and Luis Conte live at Montreux 2004

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Guitar players - watch this open mouthed!