I am thinking of going to this show in April. It’s a quick flight from Colorado to Illinois. I’ve never been to a hi-fi show before. The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest was in Denver and never went. Any thoughts on this show? I actually don’t see Naim as an exhibitor for the event which seems odd to me. I would be solo and just go for one day. Too much to take in one day? Thanks!

Focal Naim North America will be on room Utopia B, 2nd floor at the far side of the building. You won’t regret, the show is amazing.

Cool! I was looking for Naim and didn’t think to look for Focal Naim. Thanks for the information! Do you think I could cover plenty of ground in just one day? I’m thinking Friday would be my day, lighter crowds than a Saturday.

I’ve never been able to cover everything in two days, it’s hundreds of exhibits, you should prioritize what you want to audition.

I went last year, for the first time. I did two days, Friday and Saturday. One day is not enough, but I managed to see everything I wanted, in two days.
I loved it, and I’m going again this year (again Fri and Sat).
Your best bet is to look at the list of exhibitors, and figure out which ones you want to see, and then plan that out. Bring snacks and water bottle (and also a backpack), and you can power through without stopping for lunch. The food options are pricey and not that great.
Feel free to ask me questions!
J Mac

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It’s a good show - I “work in the trade” and many of my colleagues rave about it. Leave your wallet at the hotel….

@jimmyMcB Thanks for the detailed response. Sounds like a solid two day event for sure. Seems like it would be very fun to attend. Appreciate the tips on the food and water. @bob.smog I guess I didn’t realize you could actually purchase stuff there but would make sense. I thought about acoustic sounds perhaps having some discounted vinyl but didn’t think about actual equipment or cables to purchase!

It’s easy for me to say it’s totally worth going (I live only 20 minutes away from where it’s held.)

I first went 2 years ago and was sorely disappointed I only did 1 day, but thoroughly enjoyed every minute.
I went all 3 days last year, but that does take energy and dedication.

It’s a great event and in my experience, Naim usually have one of the busiest rooms of any exhibitor.

And to second @bob.smog there will be plenty to buy on-site. Plus many exhibitors offer special discounts throughout the weekend or shortly thereafter.