B-Sides, Seasides and Freerides - Ocean Colour Scene

For those of you who have wondered, like I have (for years), why this Ocean Colour Scene album wasn’t available to stream (at least fully), I’ve finally found it in full as Volume 2 of Moseley Shoals Deluxe Edition. A fantastic album, thankfully re-discovered!

|1|So Sad|
|2|Charlie Brown Says|
|3|Robin Hood|
|4|I Wanna Stay Alive With You|
|5|Huckleberry Grove|
|6|You’ve Got It Bad (Demo Version)|
|7|Here In My Heart|
|8|Men Of Such Opinion|
|9|Beautiful Losers|
|10|Mona Lisa Eyes (Feat. Jimmy Miller)|
|11|The Clock Struck 15 Hours Ago|
|12|I Need A Love Song|
|13|Chicken Bones And Stones|
|14|The Day We Caught The Train (Acoustic Version)|
|15|Travellers Tune|
|17|Mrs. Jones|
|18|Cool Cool Water|
|19|Top Of The World|
|20|The Circle (Acoustic Version)|
|21|Chelsea Walk|
|23|Day Tripper|


It’s on Qobuz in it’s entirely unless I missing something for £16 or £13 on Juno Download.

Those extra 23 tracks are very good indeed. I might just splash out on it. Thanks

Nice one. It has been missing from Tidal entirely and only a few tracks were available on Spotify (last time I checked was a couple of years ago mind).

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