B&W PX process query

I’m assuming that my B&W PX’s have an onboard DAC.

If they are presented with an analogue signal via a previous DAC, am I right in thinking that that signal will go straight to the membranes, bypassing the headphones DAC because it’s an analogue signal? Is that right?

if you mean connecting them via a wired connection to there 3.5mm stereo input jack socket, then yes that analog signal will bypass their onboard DAC. Headset still needs to be powered on though.

I received my Audioquest “Dragontail” connector this morning to complete the hard connection.
The setup is:
Samsung Galaxy A33 5g - Qobuz app - USB Audio Player Pro app - Audioquest Dragontail - Dragonfly Red DAC - “Golden Gate” cable - B&W PX phones.

It shows up just how inadequate Bluetooth is for high SQ audio, dragging every last smidgeon of detail out of the recording with a substantial, open soundstage.

The only downside is that when there is no playback, I can hear a very faint scratching sound although I don’t hear it when the track starts, either because it has cut out or because it’s simply buried in the mix.

Happy happy joy joy.

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