B&W speaker jumpers

Any views on how good are these? Is it worth upgrading to something line chord signature?

You need this:

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Ideally but given I already have the cable made with Naim/banana plugs do you know if anyone does ks-1 jumpers only? And would they be much better than the B&W ones?

Just take them to your dealer and get them modified. It’s much easier than adding jumpers, as the spades can’t come loose. Signals made mine, and I’m sure would make you some jumpers if that’s the way you choose to go.

I also got mine from Signals (great dealer btw).

I’m based offshore in Guernsey so posting to the U.K., dealing with customs and paying for modifying isn’t going to be much cheaper than buying new jumpers.

Do you know how good are the B&W ones? Is it all worth the hassle/cost.

IMO… probably not. But YMMV… :thinking:

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When you say B&W jumpers, is you are referring to the bars that come with most bi-wireable/tri-wireable Loudspeakers then I would say you are absolutely best to get proper cables jumpers. I changed my PMC bars for jumpers by Townshend Audio to match my main speaker cable, the difference to my ears was shocking, like having a new speaker.

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I mean the speaker jumpers that come with 800 series speakers (pic in the first post).

I never used my B&W jumpers that came with my 805 D3’s as I already had some nice Vertere ones ( that I replaced when a SuperLumina set came up cheap)…I honestly can’t say whether the B&W ones are worth replacing; had I not already had the Verteres I think I would’ve been perfectly happy.

The ones that come with the lower series, they’re bars, should be replaced as soon as possible. The fact that with the 800 series they’ve gone through the effort to give you actual jumpers tells me that they should be fine.


Apologies missed this, they are most definitely a step up from bars which are typically made of brass and a poor conductor in comparison to cooper and silver. I would think these would do a good job, if you could get jumpers to match your actual speaker cables, that has got to be better still. Great to see that B&W has taken the effort to not use the bars which massively inhibit the potential of any loudspeaker. Maybe you could get some jumpers on loan from your cable company to test and compare?

I had these on my B&Ws for a while - they are OK but can be bettered. The outer plastic covering started to fray so I had a set of Naim NACA5 jumpers made up which again were OK and better than the B&W jumpers.

Moving to Super Lumina speaker cable I bought the Vertere Mini Pulse jumpers which are excellent and a forum favourite.

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