B&W verses Focal

Could I ask my learned friends for their thoughts please?
Presently I have a Nova running a pair of B&W CM 8 series 2 loudspeakers via Tellurium Q Black series 2 cables and links, and run a Marantz CD 6007 CD player + a Rega RP6 deck through it all, as well as the proverbial streaming. I am very happy with the sound, even Spotify’s MP3’s sound really good. My question is, has anyone any thoughts on how much better the Focal Kanta 2’s would be in comparison to the CM8’s, or has anyone done that comparison? The difference in cost suggests there should be a major difference, but who knows?

Hi @Nickd , best to audition. There are plenty of dealers who have both the B&W as Focal brands. I owned Focal Kanta 2’s in the past and. I think they are quite a bargain for the money. Very easy on the ear, a touch of warmth and very “holistic audio picture”. They are also very direct and in the face. I think they match very well with the Nova



All different speakers sound very different! of all components they have the biggest effect on the character of a system’s sound - and what one person loves another may find sounds awful to them. Whilst people can tell you how they feel the two compare, and what they may like or dislike, you could feel the same - or not. You really need to hear for yourself! I would suggest that if your interest in different speakers has been aroused for some reason, you should get to hear as many different ones within your budget. (And remember your buying power can be expanded if you consider ex-dem or secondhand, though less easy to audition.)

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Thank you Iver, wise words, I very much appreciate your input.

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Thank you I_B, you are right of course, I shall follow up on this course when the time comes.

I really think you could improve CD source first, maybe cartridge/phonostage(which is?) depend on which you use mostly.
IMO try other speakers too, such as Neat, Kudos, Graham, Rega, Naim or Tannoy (second hand) not a fan of either B&W nor Focal, but these are very different too.


Thanks for your advice young man, the phono stage is a Rega MM Mk2, which sounds good, but like everything I know there’s better out there. I’m not starting the process of change just yet, but trying to gain other people’s knowledge and advice first. Thanks again!

Love our Nova with Kanta 2 - sound great, with room for the speakers to be driven even harder if your room is bigger/you like party volumes.


Thank you Claire, I have already spoken to my local Naim/Focal agent in Hull regarding the auditioning of the combo soon, so hope for a great result, which of course I’m sure it will be!

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Nickd, if you’re looking to find a good phono amp, find a Cambridge CA 640P, or 651P, for less than £100, then contact Jez Arkless about modifying for MM, or MC, and you won’t be disappointed.

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Hi @Nickd.

I think your Marantz CD 6007 is rather special, especially for its price. Do not part with it unless you find and buy a better CD player, to your ear.

As to speakers, room interactions and personal taste trump everything else, I find.

Good luck.


Hi Nick, thanks for taking the time to respond. I agree the CD6007 is rather nice, and I don’t think it will be going anywhere soon. I also take on board what you say about the room etc, life could be about to get difficult!!

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