B&W Zeppelin Mk I red flashing light error

I got one of these with a 30 pin iPhone/iPod dock connector when they first came out.

It used to play fine then would cut out with a red flashing LED. Unpower/pepower and it would fix it for 20-30 minutes.

Got it serviced by B&W under warranty years ago but the problem returned.

Have not used it in ages, but it is charging an iPhone X via a 30-pin dock connector to lightning adapter and sounds ok but after maybe 30 mins got the audio cut out again and had to unpower/repower it.

Anyone know if there’s a definitive fix for this or was it just a poor design to begin with?

I believe it was initially put down to capacitor failures, but seeing as it was ‘repaired’ by B&W under warranty years ago and the problem soon recurred there may be more to it.

Crumbs it’s even worse - no longer does it simply cut out but randomly shoots to unpleasantly high volumes.

May be time to put it to pasture, but it was a fairly expensive accessory back in the day and could sound wonderful.

Well let me be the voice of reason. Time to move on.

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You know, I bought a B&W A7 that did the same sorts of things. Really a flawed line of products. My solution was to buy a Mu-So, and I never looked back!! :grinning:


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