BACCH4Mac - the next step towards virtual reality?

For those who are genuinely interested in hearing a 3D acoustic image from a traditional streaming stereo system or especially from a headphone rig, BACCH4Mac looks (sounds?) really interesting.

I am incapable of understanding, let alone explaining the theory that underpins how it works, but it is creating a real stir among the lucky few who have tried it.

After hearing just what a difference a decent DSP set up can make with the Dutch & Dutch 8C speaker system, I am more than a little curious about the BACCH4Mac.

Has anyone tried it and is able to share impressions with the rest of us?

If you find that speaker-room interactions impair much of the musical magic, or that headphones sound brilliant yet fail dismally when it comes to re-creating a credible, realistic 3D image, this might just be the answer for you.

Best regards, BF

I looked at their website got lost in a couple of paragraphs. I wonder if @Simon-in-Suffolk has come across this technology?

Thanks Gazza.
I suspect that Simon is precisely the right person to understand what it does and whether it might work.

Best regards, BF

sorry guys - not heard of it or familiar with it at all - i will have a look later to see if I can garner anything later.

Thankyou Simon…sorry if i disturbed a vacation, in your own good time.

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Seems to be a stereo spatial filter, perhaps on a similar vein to Dolby Voice and other spatialisers … interesting with headphones many use cross feed filters to produce seemingly the opposite to what BACCH provides in producing a more ‘natural’ listening experience with headphones. Essentially BACCH seems to emulate with loudspeakers more of the unadjusted headphone listening effect.

I note from the FAQ that BACCH will produce an artificial stereo field with much contemporary mixed and produced music, but will work best or most accurately with straight/natural stereo recorded audio from a stereo microphone or microphones.

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Thx Simon…always appreciate your insights.

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