Back to Future – Your Favorities of the Running Millennium

There is a parallel thread of about top 20 ever favorities – with some lack in new stuff, which is good but probably not old enough to get some over-the-years-recognition. And, even then, there is music in niches that get not the attention of the world but could be somewhat cool. So, go backwards in time, find per year the album that you still like to hear or you would surprise a good friend with. I guess everybody know that this can’t be done with Pink Floyd anymore. And, if there isn’t one in 2014, then continue with 2013, and stop at 2000. Let’s see, what to find.

2017: K.Flay – Every Where is Some Where

2016: none

2015: Public Service Broadcasting – The Race for Space (a concept album about the contest between the US and Sovietunion to conquer space)

2014: Paolo Nutini – Caustic Love

2013: none

2012: Vivaldi The Four Seasons – Recomposed by Max Richter (hard to believe that this everybody-knows still can make surprising twists)

2011: Boy – Mutual Friends (an album I used to find my music gear as it can drive pictures in your head (at least mine))

2010: The National – High Violet (still getting my attention)

2009: Fever Ray – Fever Ray

2008: Madrugada – Madrugada (well, probably not their best album, but I had to name them some year)

2007: Au Revoir Simone – The Bird of Music (no drums, no guitars, just three women on keyboards)

2006: Hellsongs – Lounge (initialy released in Sweden only and so I got my CD directly from them after some very nice e-mail exchange. They do what they tell „metal lounge“, that is they cover songs like Run to The Hills from Iron Maiden, and, well, even my mom likes it…)

2005: none

2004: none

2003: Linkin Park – Meteora

2002: In Extremo – Sünder ohne Zügel (as one of the representative of Medieval rock, which has to my knowledge it roots in East Germany, some songs are in Latin and texts are also taken from french poet Francois Villon)

2001: Rammstein – Mutter (well, they have to come sometime)

2000: none

A list without Massive Attack or Clawfinger (another norwegian group), but here I slip into the 90’s ….

Hmmm, not the easiest to respond because my music is not ordered by date, so all I can do is reflect on what I recall buying then look up the date - but a lot had been released some years earlier, so don’t count. At this point of reflecting, some years no albums …and others with more than one to struggle to choose between - so as I haven’t found much 21st century music to like I’ve included more than one in a year where they stand out.

(As for music I still like to hear, that applies to all my collection, as I don’t buy music that I don’t like, and my taste doesn’t change much, so that aspect is easy!)

So, my notable 21st century releases are:

2018: Roger Waters - Is this the life we really want
2016: Jeff Beck - The revolution will be televised
2014:Tarja Turunen - Beauty and the beat
2012: Tarja Turunen - Act 1: Live in Rosario
Twelfth Night - Live and let live (Definitive Edition)
2008: Vivaldi - Bellezza Crudel (2L Records)
2007: Blackmore’s Night - Paris Moon
2005: Roger Waters - Ça Ira
2003: Karnataka - The delicate flame if desire
Mostly Autumn - Passengers
2002: Dream Theater - Six degrees of inner turbulance

There may be others I haven’t thought of…

Easy peasy lemon squeezy…

2000 - Broadcast - The Noise Made By People
2001 - Goldfrapp - Felt Mountain
2002 - Sigur Rós - ()
2003 - The White Stripes - Elephant
2004 - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Abbatoir Blues
2005 - Kate Bush - Aerial
2006 - Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People say I Am…
2007 - Radiohead - In Rainbows
2008 - Portishead - Third
2009 - Sunn 0))) - Monoliths & Dimensions
2010 - LCD Soundsystem - This Is Happening
2011 - PJ Harvey - Let England Shake
2012 - Scott Walker - Bish Bosch
2013 - Goldfrapp - Tales Of Us
2014 - Swans - To Be Kind
2015 - New Order - Music Complete
2016 - David Bowie - Blackstar
2017 - Roger Waters - Is This The Life We Really Want?
2018 - Low - Double Negative
2019 - Ese & The Vooduu People - Up In Smoke

Oh, I might got spoiled by streaming from ripped CDs only. Then, with Minimserver, it is quite easy to find the albums per year sorted. Guess, would have the same problem if no NAS running in background.
And, of course (I hope), we just buy music we like. But taste can change and some music may survive this. And even then, at least for me, there are some years with albums I still like but not neccessarily want to bother others with.

Audirvana, my library software/player, doesn’t have release date as a searchable option, and in any cae my music collection doesn’t all have good metadata (some ripped from CDs, some from LPs (though they all predate the turn of the century), and some downloaded.

And whilst my taste in music has widened slightly over my listening career, it hasn’t changed otherwise, so over my entire music purchasing career thare have only ever been a handfull of albums that I have ended up wondering why I bought, and so discarded.

Thanks for the answers - thread is not getting that much attention here. Anyway - I checked some of your favorities, which turned out not to fit too much in my taste of music; but that hasn’t been the intention …
@Innocent_Bystander: To my experience, when listening to a new album, I need to do this more often than just once to make my mind. And since there is at least one track minimum that has caused my attention (otherwise I wouldn’t know) on the whole album, I willing to listen. I would estimate my personal reject rate of under 5 percent, so still affordable in face of remaining 95% good stuff. A little borderline are those one-hit-albums where the other tracks are simple scrap, I try to sort them out by using Youtube, vimeo, etc … prior to album purchase.

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