Back-up; 2nd Time Around

About two years ago I purchased the Atom and Core…wonderful, wonderful system. No complaints. However, at the time I naively used the ‘back-up’ option and ended up with a less-than satisfactory hard drive of the ‘titles’, but jumbled hopelessly. As a result, I really haven’t used it.
HOWEVER, I am moving and I want to get rid of all my discs, but I fear I will get the same old poor back-up directory.
So, my question: has Naim upgraded its back-up “function” in the last two years? If not, can someone recommend another program that recognizes AND organizes copies in some formal format that, in fact, reflects my actual collection of CDs as entered?
Thank you very, very much.

I suspect you have ripped to WAV. The way to get a usable backup - ie usable to upnp servers rather than just the Core - is to rip to flac. I don’t know much about the Core but hopefully it can do the conversion and then back up the flac versions.

Apparently not:

The back up is of course exactly that, a back up. All the time you have the Core, things are fine, and you can restore the Core from the backup if needs be.

However, you can’t play from the backup using a different upnp server. If you rip the CDs to flac and then back them up, the backup will be usable, with everything stored as you’d expect.

You can always rip using a computer and store the rips on a nas, avoiding the Core altogether. If you plan to lose the CDs you need to get flac copies, either by re-ripping with the Core or a computer, or using one of the conversion programs mentioned in the thread flagged above.

A friend of mine uses the core with wav rips and backs up to a synology nas. I borrowed the core from him to listen to in my system and he carried on listening from his nas back up using minimserver without issue.

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That’s interesting. We don’t of course know exactly what the OP is trying to do, such as whether they are trying to actually listen to the backups or just looking at the files in a browser. Maybe they and your friend need to liaise directly!

You say you are using the back up option to listen to music why what happen to the original rips?

When you use the Core to rip CDs you set up a Music store to rip and store your CDs this music store can be an Internal drive in the Core or an external storage drive. You can edit the Metadata of the ripped CDs using the Metadata function in the app. Music can be accessed using various options to enable browsing and locating music easy and straight forward.

My Core has a 2TB internal drive which is configured as the music store all CDs are ripped via the app into this store. I have a separate 2TB drive connected to the rear USB this is used as a back via the function built into the app.

Your back up should be the same as your music store. Last year I replaced the original drive in the Core with an SSD drive and restored my music from the back up drive all good the back ups should be ae the original rips.

Trust you get this sorted

Of course you can listen to the backed-up WAV files with a UPnP server, but they won’t have any embedded metadata and the UPnP server most likely can’t read Naim’s proprietary way of saving the metadata separately (unless Minimserver implemented this)

Hungryhaolibut and Suedkiz,

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR NOTES. Unfortunately, I realize now I am almost totally illiterate when it comes to this copying business. I have several hundred CDs and I am about to move (without them) so I don’t have time to re-copy them…alas. In fact, I don’t even seem to be able to simply copy them, eg. I bought 4T hard drive and it says I don’t have enough space - which is crazy - so i am even screwing that up! Next time I will obviously have to take my time and do more research. My bad. At least I seem to have the majority of my collection copied, albeit without any meaningful structure.
Thank you very, very much again.

When you say you have several hundred CDs, I am presuming you have less than 1000. That could fit many times on a 4T hard drive.

As a reference, I have my 650 albums on a single 500G USB stick. All of my rips are lossless AIFF and FLAC.

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My Core has a 2TB drive configured as a Music Store nearly 800 CDs ripped in WAV showing as used just over 400GB of drive space.

Something very wrong somewhere?

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Exactly; I know. I guess I will re-format again and re-try the save. Plus, and this is even more disconcerting, I have spent this past week cataloguing (finally) all my CDs and it appears that a huge percentage of them never got copied, despite following the directions methodically. Plus, trying to sort through the “metadata” program that came with the Core is virtually impossible. I wish there was a simpler program to “sort” all my backups, i.e. 'Classical", “Blues,” “jazz”, whatever. What a terrible program on my 2 year old Core.

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