Backup of NS01 2x500GB to NAS

Hi can anyone help please?
I’ve searched old and new forums (fora?!) and can’t find anything relating to the pre-2TB NS01 ie 2x500GB and creating a second back-up in addition to the auto one made internally. I have a great article by Phil Harris explaining exactly how and what folders to set up in a new NAS.
I’ve followed it and set up 3 folders Naim_Backups, Naim_Rips and Naim_Downloads which the NS01 can see in the ‘Network Shares’ menu using the Naim server website interface or the PC Desktop client. I have also been able to use the Naim menu item ‘Add a new music store’ to create a Music store called Naim_Rips.
However it won’t let me ‘Add new music backup’. Message says Unable to convert Share MUSICNAS\Naim_Backups to Music Backup.

Hi, I have a suspicion that the old twin drive servers didn’t have the automatic backup software, which came with the change to a single 2TB drive. What firmware version are you running? I’m not 100% certain if the later firmware versions will run on the twin drive, as the auto backup came with a later update. Perhaps @NeilS can shed some more light on this?

Thanks Chris SU
It’s running 1.7c RC1.
I read somewhere that HDX can only be upgraded to one 2TB but NS01 can have 2 x 2TB. Don’t know if that’s right or makes a difference!

Hi topdj,

As far as I’m aware you should be able to configure a second external backup.
Are you sure that the read/write permissions for everybody are set correctly on that share?
What happens if you try to promote your backup share to a music store?


So your firmware is up to date, no problem there.
When you created the folders, did you nominate one as your chosen Backup folder in the Naim interface?
One problem that catches a lot of people out is that the backup folder must be completely empty. Even if you think it’s empty, your OS may have stuck a hidden folder in there that you can’t even see. The solution us to delete the folder and create another one. Do not even open it, just nominate it as a backup location and see if it works.

Thanks Neil but I can’t even see it.

This has worked! Many thanks Chris.

Now I have to figure out how to backup my music from the NS01 to it. Any tips gratefully received.


You should be able to do this via Desktop Client in the backup monitor section.
Your new added location should appear in the destination drop down.


I think the backup should start automatically, either immediately or at the scheduled time overnight, but it’s been a while since I’ve tried it.
As a Mac user, I’m not familiar with the Desktop Client, but maybe Neil can point you in the right direction if anything else needs configuring.

Thanks Neil
I’ll check it tonight.

Thanks Chris for all your help. David

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