Backup playlist?

Is there any way to backup my playlists from the Naim app?
Where are the files located?
What format are they?

If you use an iOS device, you should be able to back up your apps to iCloud. The playlists will be part of the data stored with the app. So if you restore the app from backup, all its settings and sata should be restored with it.
This worked OK with the old iTunes backup system, and you could see that the playlists were there if you looked at the backup via iTunes an a Mac. I haven’t tried it with iCloud, so I can only assume that it works properly.

In practice, I find that keeping playlists on my UPnP server is a better and more reliable method, if a little less convenient.

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I should have mentioned that this is with Android

I haven’t used the Naim app on Android much. I would be surprised if there wasn’t some comparable sort of app backup system for it.

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