Baclofen - Anyone Any Experience?


A little while back I started a thread following my Consultant prescribing me Pregabalin as pain relief for my spinal stenosis/sciatica. In a nutshell I just couldn’t cope with it, loss of balance, foggy head, stomach irritation so weaned off. Then tried Amitriptyline and Duloxetine and basically the same outcome, side effects outweighed any benefits.

At a recent outpatients my Consultant suggested I try Baclofen which is a muscle relaxant usually prescribed for MS patients which was felt would ease the muscle spasms in my legs and provide pain relief. However, if anything I think I’m getting the reverse, spasms as before if not worse, leg weakness but combined with nausea, headache and constant tiredness, this a low dosage (15mg a day) but within 45 minutes of the first tablet in the morning I’m asleep again. Further, the Pain Clinic have suggested that I might try Gabapentin alongside the Baclofen to provide further pain relief but given that Gabapentin is of the same group as Pregabalin I just don’t feel I can go there.

Would welcome any further thoughts or experiences.



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Hi Lindsay - I self regulate Baclofen intake to either 10mg or 20mg for MS related limb spasticity. What works best for me is to take it at bed time. It helps me fall asleep and subdues stiffness / restless-leg syndrome. It’s pretty side-effect free for me, taken this way.

I’ve also been on Gabapentin for dysesthesia but didn’t like the detached sense it left me feeling - a loss of intellectual sharpness if you like.

Good luck with it all. Drug cocktails are a bit of a lottery / minefield from my 30 year experience.


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Could try CBD oil,

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Similarly. Had been using Baclofen for some 10 years to help with muscle stiffness and cramps due to spascticity and paresis from MS. I would say i responded quite well to baclofen but in recent times took a wrong turn. Morning sickness to an extent that I found it hard to keep the medication down long enough. I think my body was telling me it had enough of it.
Recently starting on Pregabalin 200mg daily. so far so good.
Baclofen was starting to give me anxiety attacks - which pregabalin has knocked out.
I did spend some time on Amantadine. I thought this had a positive effect. Some extra oomph and a sharper mind without so much drowsiness.

Thanks guys for your inputs.


My mother used it for about 15 years, twice a day as a prescription to relieve muscle spasms and night cramps. She had quite a few side effects and is now coping with taking magnesium tablets with good results



I think this is it. As soon as you are on more than one medication, it all gets difficult, given how one drug will interact with another.

Thanks again.


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Well I took 10mg before bed, horrible sweats, terrible weakness this morning, back in A&E :worried:

Oh so sorry, Lindsay……hope they sort you out quickly.

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Ooops. Sorry to hear.

Hope you find a solution soon.


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Was it from a fall ?
I’ve had a few then a visit to A&E. Hope it wasn’t too bad.

No just a bad reaction, waiting for blood test results.

Back home for 48 hours. They took me cold turkey of the Baclofen and started a low dose of Gabapentin. I’m sceptical given my experience with Pregabalin but so far so good but apparently you don’t really experience any real improvement for 5 weeks.

At least I’m back with the hifi😁