Bad day at the office

On my journeys the other day, i came across this poor chap who had chewed off a bit more than the Mazda AWD could handle. My side of the river had the swing road closed sign in place, you may be able to see in the top pic his side hadn’t been positioned (but still why try right?:face_with_spiral_eyes:)
I did ask him why he attempted to cross and received a sultry sailors reply. Funny thing was a lady in an Audi Q7 rocked up from my side drove up about 100m and crossed in a shallow patch then proceeded to drive around him and off she went😂
Funny old game don’t you think.

One of the local farmers is a bit over clowns

He told me the electrics no longer worked. No he wasn’t looking at me at the time of the pic, i know i’m naughty, but I just couldn’t resist.


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