I was never in the Boy Scouts… but back in the day, collecting or earning badges was what it was all about.

I notice since the new forum launch, I have collected a few badges myself … ???

Maybe by default I actually find myself in the Scouts after all??? :grin:

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I always find this a bit weird in forums. As if badges would make you contribute more or better…

Something for the kindergarten ??? As is all the twitterface stuff, but I’m just a grumpty ol’ git.

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Yes, considering most forum members are probably like myself past the ‘bloom of youth’… it seems a little childlike to say the least …

Am I missing something, is their any logical explanation for collecting badges?

I have also noticed the number of ‘likes’ one can give is limited?

If anyone contributes to a thread I have started, I always ‘like’ ( see what I did their)… to acknowledge the contribution…,

But it seems my ability to ‘like’ is limited???

I wonder why ??? seems a bit bizarre. I’ve only used likes to acknowledge to a poster that I’ve seen it &, if applicable, that I agree, saves another post.

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TheKevster asked about the limited ‘Likes’ aspect (50 per day?) on a thread in the New Forum FAQ & Support room and was advised the limit will ease as time goes by. All that excitement so early on feeling the luv…could it be there’s a potential robot amongst us!

I see you even get a Badge or somesuch for logging in on a regular basis.

Those who previously coveted their Forum ranking position will now be flummoxed.

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i find this new forum much better vs the old one, more transparent, better organized…the simplicity of adding photos is very welcome.
However not really fan of these childish badges.

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Just noticed despite being on the previous forum for about 4 years…and reaching the dizzy heights of 127, my new description is ‘basic user’ ?
Not sure what that means?
And what’s the next step up too ‘Basic user’?


I think it’s “enthusiast”, which is what I seem to be now.

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Next level is member.
click to see more

The badges come as part of the platform. It’s perhaps a bit Scout-like but harmless in it’s way.

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Yep, forum has at the moment 45 members (and a lot of basic users, few regulars + leaders)

Looks like I’ve just become a member but discobot has been a member since October 2018 i.e. before the forum went live.

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I can’t sleep at night, waiting to be awarded the coveted NAIM badges. Just to think that in the old days it took me only fourteen months to earn my paratrooper and reconnaissance wings…


How do you become a member from just being basic?

Is it a case of who you know? :joy:

Ps I’ve always liked Richard Dane…:wink:

You have to be enthusiastic first and then be prepared to give up an arm and a leg to become a member.

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