Balance control nac152xs

I can’t seem to find this, but is there balance control on the 152xs? I know it should just be right but mine is used so who knows.

Yeah def no balance control I’ve just replaced mine with a 202 to add balance for a bit of room correction… this is as far as I can tell the main difference as they pretty much sound the same…

Surprised to hear this; I am considering upgrading the 152/155XS to the 202/200 but now wonder if it will give me any improvement at all.

I personally don’t think the extra outlay is worth it versus the improvement, maybe if going up to a 282 it would be much more of a worthwhile outlay. The difference where I am is 000’s of dollars which IMHO are better invested in something other than amplification at this level of system.

Though don’t get me wrong it does sound great I’m not dissatisfied at all and would not want to put anyone off. But consider the cost benefit ratio versus the cost benefit ratio of spending the same Money upgrading your source or on speakers or whatever.

There isn’t one. The XS range is built for flat out performance. No room for fripperies :slight_smile:

Thanks all.

Balance problems are often down to room acoustics. If you can experiment with some acoustic panels at side wall reflection points the problem is much more effectively resolved. Appreciate it can be a tricky subject for domestic harmony.

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