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Folks, when I am listening I notice that the balance on my 52 is reversed, right to left and vice versa, yet I enlisted the help of a test record to fix a different issue, so how do I fix the balance issue while not having impact on music, I hope I am making sense, thanks.

Hello Fred, I don’t know what power amp you are using, but did you check that the speaker cables aren’t swapped inadvertently?

You’ve probably connected the left speaker to the right (or in this case wrong) output, and vice versa.

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I am using 135’s, if I swap the speaker cable the music will be out of phase, as in strings’ to the right when they should be on the left, I’ll just listen to the music tonight, fab CD Jazz at Ronnie’s.

If your speakers have the positive side of the speaker wire connected to where the negative should be, then they are out of phase …

I wonder what source the OP has and whether is is a dual rca to din connected reversed at the source end.

Something is swapped somewhere: the source lead or the Din to XLRs.

I think we first need to establish if the channels are swapped or not. What did you find out with the test record, exactly? Does sound for the right channel from the test record come out of the left speaker and vice versa?

Thanks Suedkiez, I borrowed a test record and found that the sounds were coming from opposite channels, so I reversed the connections on the 135’s and now the balance left right is on the opposite channels, I’m wondering if 1. They were correct and the test record is a mirror image, or 2. should I have reversed the speaker contacts rather than 135’s, makes me realize I’m not as smart as I like to think I am, btw it’s on both sources, I suppose I could borrow the test record again and go back to drawing board.

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I’d start at the 52 or phono stage. Have you got the L&R channels from the TT connected correctly at this point. Just visually check them and go from there.

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Yep. A test record may prove the sound is coming out of the correct speaker, but if the balance control is still acting in reverse then there must be 2 reversals of channels 1 & 2 - one before the preamp and the other after the preamp.


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