Balanced cable for Focal

Want to get a 3 meter run of balanced cable for my Focal headphones. I got a single run with my Clear Mg, but having two Atom HE’s in house and considering the location of the XLR connection I’d like to get one I can plug into the second HE and leave there.

But I seem to find very few options online. Any idea where one can find cables that fit Focal? Even on the Focal website I can’t find any.

Also is there a preference for XLR or Pentaconn? Pentaconn would be easier to jack into the Atom HE I have downstairs.

Focal do one. Or they did when I bought my Clear Pros. About £124. I also bought dome vi ebay from a firm based in Cheltenham? Custom cans?

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Thanks! I’ll check out to see if I can find out more about the Focal one.

Customcans is, in fact, the only one I did find. Do they make good stuff?

I bought a longer cable for my Focals from Custom Cans excellent quality indeed.

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Yep. Plenty of options for colours of cables. And connectors for your amp. I use my Clears with a Violectric V281 balanced. My cables are 3m, but I think next time I’d go a bit longer. I do have the 5m single ended coiled cable the Clear Pros came with though.

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Thanks to you both!

Then the question of XLR vs Pentaconn. My expectation would be that both would yield very similar results.

Actually Pentaconn could be the better option for me if quality similar. I have the XLR that came with my Clear Mg. So that would mean I could connect my Celestee balanced at the same time.

So I have ended up ordering the following from Customcans:

  • XLR terminated 3m headphone cable
  • Short XLR to XLR cable to make the XLR socket on the Atom HE below accessible
  • XLR to Pentaconn connector for if I want to run two headphones at the same time

This should cover all scenarios.


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