Banana plug recommendations?

I’m about to re-terminate some speaker cable (not on my Naim system) with new plugs. I’ve been delighted with the Kimber 4mm plugs on the (non-Naim) speaker end of my main system but, at their current UK price, it’s going to cost £100 for the 16 plugs I need. I don’t mind paying this too much, but I’d be keen to know if anyone’s got any recommendations for any plugs that would cost me noticeably less whilst still performing excellently.

I know many of you extol the virtues of metal-matching - if I go down this path, I’d need eight gold plugs for the speaker end and eight, erm, non-Gold. The amp end is a Denon AV amp - the terminals look silvery coloured but I can’t find out what they’re made of.



Mark, at the “silvery coloured” end, they’re most likely nickel plated, in which case I would recommend Deltrons - gold at one end and plain nickel at the other. Go for ones with a decent solder bucket end.

100% recommend metal matching.
101% for Deltron.

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What you think about this plugs, that I get with Atoms? Somebody say- its crap!?

:small_blue_diamond:Engine,…Who says it.??

It may well not be a trader who says it.


Well, if you have an Atom (or N-Vi or Unitiqute etc…) then definitely use them, as they’re made for purpose and the best match for the speaker sockets.

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Thanks for that fairly unanimous recommendation. It’s just halved my expenditure!


… Somebody say why why why?
Somebody say ih, ihih, ihih.

Been very impressed with the new Chord Ohmic plugs, which I had fitted - crimped not soldered! - to my Music speaker cables.


What about this power plug? Is it original? Shold I change for something better?

That looks exactly like mine, which is a genuine Naim lead. I certainly wouldn’t buy a different lead without the option of a proper home demo.

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Hard to say for 100% certain just by the moulded IEC plug. If it came in the box then I’d imagine it’s original. Beyond that, consider the Powerline - developed specifically on Naim kit.

700€ :frowning:

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Why not simply enjoy the Atom with it’s standard power cord?

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Now honestly, do you find more beautiful hifi componenth then Atom?

New plugs all soldered nicely. My home cinema set up is now gloriously bi-amped. Well, front L&R speakers are, at least, using the unused surround-back amp, since my system remains resolutely old-school 5.1 despite having a 7.1 amp.

[any suggestions that remaining 5.1 has more to do with SWMBO refusing to countenance ‘another pair of bloody speakers’ in our sitting room will not be commented on]


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Had Ohmic plugs dealer fitted to my Chord Epic SuperTwin on Friday (both ends converted to single wire) but mine were soldered version.

They need to be returned to the factory for crimping so it does add to cost. If your’s are well-soldered, I’m sure they’ll be fine. How are finding them?

Happy, it was a very experienced dealer that fitted/soldered them for me. Changed speakers at same time so hard to tell what if any difference they have made but happy all the same.

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