Band/Artist Picture Quiz

Thought some light relief was needed from the debate about the new products and the right or wrongs of Naim moving work abroad.

Guess the name of the band using the picture clue(s).
Get it right (as adjudicated by the poster of the image) then its your turn to pose the next riddle.
Try to make them a bit cryptic nothing too easy.
Here goes…one to start…

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I think I know the answer, but reluctant to post, as I can’t think of a follow up image/clue

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No one wants to play?
Miserable gits. :grin:
Go on, post your guess.

As you ask, I’ll offer Soul II Soul.


First winner @Mick_B
Your turn.


Blue Nile?

Correct - over to you.


Easy! ELO.

That’s it, getting the idea.
@ChrisSU … your turn.

OK then……

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Van Morrison (s)?


Yeah, I set the bar pretty low with that one. Off you go…


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B52s, I presume.

Omd? Theres orchestra and dark so i filled in the blank. Manoeuvres with vacuum cleaners?

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B52’s, but I’ve already spent too long making a picture!

Manoeuvres - many hoovers?

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