Bandcamp sale

Not sure how much I’m allowed to link here, but the recent sale of Bandcamp by Epic to Songtradr doesn’t seem to be going very well for Bandcamp employees :confused:

I was sent a link to X where it seems the new owners aren’t keen to let the employees into the office to do their jobs whilst new contracts are accepted.

Hopefully it gets sorted out equitably and quickly.

bandcampunited worth a follow on X if you’re interested


The new owners fired 50% of the Bandcamp staff. Just the name of the new owner, songtradr, sounds like silicon-valley greed to me. It took Epic a while to find buyers so the price may have been low and they are just looking to cash in.

Independents should release on physical media.

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This doen’t sound good. I hope that they will stay true to the original concept.
I have bought a number of CD’s there directly supporting some of my favorite artists.
This one is excellent or incredible might be a better word;


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Stones in my passway - strange title for an album.

Maybe it’s about gallstones.

Robert Johnson composition;

Well I have just got over kidney stones and the title does resonate with me.


Here is another favorite to my knowledge only available on BandCamp;

I think Bandcamp is the only way for many independent musicians to break through. I do wonder if they’re in debt though. You don’t sack half your workers for no reason.

I do :heart: Bandcamp, and the only negative aspect for me is that Bandcamp Friday pulverises my inbox.


Big corporate companies do like to do anything to maximize profits, wonder when they start cutting in the deal with the musicians…

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