Barbecue Hifi

TIDAL, iradio, FM, and ripped music (NAS)

Grover Washington Jr. playing live from somewhere

Swimming pool on the correr.

32C at the moment. No delta or ómega vírus.

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In a similar vein, got a tv rigged up to Unitiqute by patio doors, so I can watch footy in sun with a few cold ones. (Thankfully) not 32c!

Yep. Who says that Hifi is only a indoor amusement ?

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Who knows ?
If you live near the Atlantic may BE…
All the best

I saw the title and thought it might refer to a Musical Fidelity A1.


Sounds wonderful. We are currently suffering 3 degrees centigrade in Wellington, New Zealand and nice music near a pool would be heaven. Where’s the pina colada?

Meanwhile in northland :joy:


Winter in Northland, right? :wink:

Yep another miserable winters day in Mangawhai…

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It’s a hard life. We’ve been travelling around Central Otago, and have had lovely (if cold) weather. Not entirely sure that it’ll be better in Wellington when we go home tomorrow.

Getting any frosts up there? Three in a row down here in Raglan.

Peria, site visit on Wednesday……


Not sure it’s part of Naim’s strategy but would have loved an outdoorsy Naim Qb type speaker over the last year or so. Have been using the very good wonderboom 2 for bbq, gym and pool duty.

As we say in England - it’s grim up north!

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Two in Whangarei this week :scream::scream:

Pink Floyd, The Wall by Upnp / Nas now.

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Too hot to go there now, and lunch was good …
So… The Wall by Pink Floyd

And by Naim Qute2, VDH and Dynaudio X12

Often seems to be AirPods Pro for me when in garden or using BBQ.