Bartok as one box solution thread closed - @Richard.Dane?

@Richard.Dane - Has this thread been closed Richard? If so is there a reason?
Is there a way to PM you (or report something).


Threads close automatically after 2 months’ without anyone posting. Unless there is some other reason for closure @Richard.Dane is normally happy to re-open on request of the OP, and I think may consider other requests. However I think it would help to identify the thread by full name or better still with a link - there are several threads that mention the Bartok. It probably helps to use Richard’s full tag as I have done to ensure he sees your request in this thread.

Thank you for the reply. I think Richard may have closed it today and not because there was lack of activity. There were three posts today. The title of the thread was exactly as I listed - “Bartok as a one box solution”.

Is there any way I may contact Richard as I have other comments I would like to make to him. Although I have been a member of the forum since 2003 I still cannot figure how to use this new one (I guess I am a dinosaur).


You can just ask Richard, writing @Richard.Dane. He will be automatically notified when you write @avatar or name.

I’ve moved it to an isolation area for review as there were a number of flags that appeared on the thread yesterday evening.

Gregg, if you (or anyone else) ever need to report something or message me, then you can use the flag function.