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Hi Guys - I’m hoping someone here might be able to help me.

I’m in the process of putting together a basic system for my daughter. Nothing earth shaking - but hopefully better than the bluetooth speaker she currently uses. I have a cd player, amp and speakers ready to go BUT there is no earthly point in giving her a cd player as she doesn’t have any cd’s! So I am going to need a basic streamer.

I am looking at the Argon Audio Solo. Does anyone have any experience of this particular item? Is it any good? Or do I need to spend the extra cash for something like a Bluesound Node. ie. Is the Node significantly better (for more than double the price)? Or does anyone have any other suggestions?

Thank you for time and knowledge.

The IFi streamer is good value, although the app is a bit meh.


Maybe topping M50?

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Does your daughter actually want an amp & speakers? I get the impression a lot of the younger generation want simply music, but not necessarily hifi stereo.
I ask because my g.daughter is about to move out to her own property, and she rejected an amp/speaker for free in place of a Sonos and www streaming service.
Sonos is a very easy to use system, is more or less one box, easy to add rooms & a streaming service stores all the music.

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I have an Argon Solo in my studio. The Argon is robust, simple and music sounds good and happy. I wouldnt spend twice the money for the Bluesound unless you need some of the internet services it offers.

Go into youtube and search for ‘Argon Solo’ and check the reviews by Darko Audio or The Hans Beekhuyzen Channel.

That’s a very good question Mike! She doesn’t actually KNOW that she wants an amp and speakers. I’m hoping to persuade her that she does! This could, of course, prove to be a terrible idea. But I feel the need to fly the flag for ‘proper’ hi fi and decided to start close to home. :slightly_smiling_face:


Have a look at the Wiim mini.

Presuming Spotify is going to be the main source a Bluesound is over- kill.

Darko does a review of the mini and pro and seems to rate them.



Not sure of budget but a middle ground here could be something like the KEF LSX II.
It’s a pair of “HiFi” speakers and all the connectivity, including HDMI/ARC (Handy for TV use), you could need built in. Just needs AC power and Wi-Fi or Ethernet to feed it.
You can even add a wireless KEF sub if desired.

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Have a look on the bay for a Sonos Connect S2, you should be able to pick one up for under £200 and it is a fairly decent streamer. Good software and supports most streaming services natively.

I’ve got a Sonos amp in the kitchen with some old Arcam Solo speakers. As you say it supports a very wide range of services natively and has always been very user friendly. Also have Sonos Play speakers in bedrooms. Can’t knock Sonos for overall value.

An alternate option could be to get her a Bluetooth Adapter and connect it to the amp.

Then stream from the phone using whatever streaming service she wants.


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The Yamaha WXAD10 would fit the bill and is only £135.

It sounds excellent for the money. I used one for a few years in a second system.


Are you looking for something to stream from phone or PC? If so, a Chromecast Audio may fit the bill?

They discontinued them some years ago but you can still pick them up on ebay, albeit they may cost 2 or 3 times their original £35!

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