Bass & Treble adjustment

I’m loving my new Uniti Star, but all recordings are not created equal and I really miss basic bass & treble adjustment to suit my room & tastes.
If the app can split the balance, could you not incorporate a tone contro too?


I agree! I have asked for the same. It’s not practical for me to physically treat my room for some bass boominess. A simple tome control would be very helpful.


Unfortunately successful correction of bass ‘boom’ (without substantially degrading much of the rest of the bass) needs a much more subtle adjustment than a simple ‘bass’ control; at a minimum it needs a parametric filter.

I don’t want to counter any bass boominess, I want to increase the bass at low volume levels as I’m finding some tracks/cds/streams “Tinny”.
My £600 Denon sounded better quite frankly.


You ‘love your Uniti Star’ but your £600 Denon sounded better? After splashing out nearly £3.5k I’d be gutted.


I have a couple of thousand CDs and some sound like they forgot to record the bass. With tone controls I could wind up the bass and wind down the treble but I prefer to just not listen to those albums!


Yup, am a bit.
Like quality sound but want to control my tone to my ear.

Can you get a graphic equaliser?

That really should not be the case, so let’s do some troubleshooting.

What speakers and cables are you using, and where is your Uniti Star sat/positioned?

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I run Monitor Audio Silver RS-8 floor standers, 175 watt p.c.
Not doing anal cable: pure copper 2.5ml.
Speakers are max 3 ft away from head unit.

Is Pure Copper a cable brand? The design of the cable affects capacitance and inductance, this can affect the sound quality.
How long are your cables, not three foot I hope?

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Yeah, I of course find that too, especially with a lot of the Rock and such that was recorded / mastered in the seventies. But of course, this is why the audio gods gave us subwoofers with level control, and remotes.



But, to answer your question, you would need to use Roon, which will enable you to use tone controls. Personally I don’t use them.

And unfortunately a good hi-fi system will reveal the limitations of a poor recording.


My cables are probably max 5ft long each side.
They have nothing to do with wanting a bass/treble control.

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Also a bit of parametric equalisation can make a poor recording sound listenable. I have a treble reduction one which is so good on brash 1980’s recordings.

I agree re Roon. Convolution filters by Thierry in HAF has been a revelation for me.

I would imagine it won’t be long until Naim has some parametric equalisation capability as my Auralic Aries G2 has it but Roon is the bees knees when it comes to this.



Shouldn’t need a subwoofer with £2-3k speakers and £3.5k head unit.
£600 Denon with 60w per channel drove my speakers better at low end with bass enhancement on.
Let’s be clear: I like detailed sound with brightness at top end. Don’t want to bounce my room (18ft x 14ft), but prefer to adjust tone to my taste.

If you want to hear deep bass you need a sub.

Easiest solution is Roon with its equalizer.

Naim will never add a tone control.

Using a better power cord can improve bass. You should definitely use Naim speaker wire.

Have you tried repositioning your speakers?

If all this fails, upgrade to a NDX2 + SN3.

Problem is they did forget to keep the bass. You can’t boost what doesn’t exist.

Many members with pricey speakers have subwoofers. They’re a good thing not a bad thing. You can just boost the bass from your sitting position, and the mids and highs stay the same.
If you need to boost the mids and highs as well, then you bought the wrong speakers.
IMHO, of course.


Hi. On further thought, though I don’t recall any high-end audio kit that comes with tone controls, I have read a number of posts both here and on other forums of people that have added a tone control buffer unit between the pre amd amp. It was the only way they could listen to their CD collection with the system that they had.
Best of luck.

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