Bassline blue connector

Hi guys…

Want to get some new connectors for my sub cables to go on the speakers… (current ones on there are separated and I want to combine the red and yellow to one and the black as is.
what’s best to get?
Etc etc ?
Screw or soldered?

So many to choose from?

If your speakers have dual purpose sockets that accept both bananas and spades, I would just solder spades onto the sub cable (assuming of course that your main speaker cables use bananas). As for materials, I would choose connwctors plated with the same metal that the sockets use.

Regarding the Bassline Blue, I’m not entirely sure that there is a benefit to using an expensive upgrade cable when connecting to the speakers, whereas if you connect at the amp end it’s important to select the right cable.

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Hi Chris

That’s for the reply. I’ve already got the bassline blue cables… just wondering what spade end connectors I should get as the NAIM speaker cables are nickel I believe and the b&w connectors are gold… (well gold colour anyway lol)

Probably doesn’t matter does it… :joy:

I have a pair of REL S/510 connected to the speaker terminals of my Confidence C2 . They have dual connectors so I use the bananas for the speaker cablesa and the spades for the Bassline Blue cables.

BTW: my subs are close enough to the speakers that I bought just one Bassline Blue 3m cable, cut it in half and re-terminated the cut ends to make a 1.5m pair. That saved me $500 and I don’t have extra cable that needs to be folded and tucked away out of sight.

My bassline blues came un terminated so just bear wire?
Which I thought was a bit odd. Currently using the standard cables which were also in the boxes which had spades on.

Sounds great to be honest, tempted to put the posh cables for sale… but wanna try them first

Mine might have been unterminated. My dealer cut and terminated before I came around to collect them. He had to attach one SpeakOn and two spades.

Yeah, it’s easy to overthink these things! If the B&W sockets are gold plated I would use gold plated spades.

Yeah I agree…

Sorry, just over thinking things lol.

Always worried that I’m not doing it right.
Cables can’t touch each other, or the floor. Need to shake them before connecting. Speakers have to be a certain exact distance apart, the rack has to be split to brains and brawn. Pre amp needs to be on top hiline needs to be pulled out a bit, dedicated mains supply with unswitched sockets…

Anyone who wasn’t into their HiFi would check us in to the clinic lol

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