Basslineblue naim cable

If that is meant for me, no. How would you send a link? It’s not allowed on this forum. However, if you have a specific REL document you think I should view, reply with the exact title and I should be able to go to it with with a simple Google search.

It’s funny how many folks don’t read the OP’s question LoL ! Ok so you have a pair of REL’s . You do not need the Naim version you’re better off tapping of the speaker terminals. The shortest BLB is three meters. Assuming you are handy then just cut the cable in half and re-terminate. You’ll need to get the necessary bits but it’s simple. If that’s beyond your comfort or skill level ask REL or your dealer to do it.

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OK, I just re-read your original post.

I will get a regular Bassline Blue 3m (not Naim version), cut it in half, terminate the cut ends, and connect my two S/510 to my speaker terminals with the two BLB 1.5m resulting cables.

Does that count as an answer. :slight_smile:

I think it does :blush:

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I think messed up I was trying to reply to the OP

Reading this thread it appears that the expensive bassline blue is designed just for using connected to the amp, and for speaker end connection the standard cable is optimal. Your question begs another: why on earth would someone be considering spending a lot of money for the bassline blue when the advice from the amp manufacturer is best connect to the speaker end, and from my skim through that seems the majority feeling from responders, with no-one saying that the bassline blue sounds so much better a standard cable attached to the speaker end? However, it seems to me that that is exactly what you are intent on doing, and are seeking someone to confirm it is a good idea to make you feel you’re not alone. Well, the seller will give you that confirmation if no-one here does.

No, the Bassline Blue is not designed optimally for amp-side connections. It’s designed for both, amp and speaker connections. It’s just the case that for Naim amps only, REL has a special version of the cable to satisfy the requirements of Naim amp design, but just when connecting at the amp terminals. If you connect at the speaker terminals, the Naim version is unnecessary, and one can use standard Bassline Blue, or the REL-provided cable, or some third party option. This doesn’t mean the Bassline Blue isn’t better or optimal for speaker terminal connections. My dealer claims the Bassline Blue is an improvement over the standard cable for speaker terminal connections.

Fwiw, I’ve used three others brands of cables at one time or another on REL’s, four if you count the standard cable. BLB is the best sounding of the bunch. Regardless if it was from the amp or from the speakers.

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Certainly some good points raised but as Innocent Bystander states majority of the answers were just not addressing the original question.And to summarise I’ll shall buy the naim BLB for my twin rels and I’ll be reporting back.BTW that sure is a a nice set up (JosquinDesPrez)

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Keep in mind you’ll have to buy a PAIR if you do it that way.

Yep,two are on the cards.A good upgrade,I do hope so.I,ll keep everything posted as to how we get on.

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