BBC Five Live Sprts Extra

Is it just me or is this effectively Five Live Cricket. Throughout the summer this station seems to be almost exclusively cricket irrespective of whether other sporting events are ongoing. Grrrrr…

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Ah, don’t forget Five Live Sports Extra is a pop up channel - but having spent many hours listening to the cricket on Sports Extra I know it will step aside if another bigger sporting event comes on with coverage going to on-line or local DAB .

The exception being a Test Match which takes priority over everything but the Shipping Forecast

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The only thing missing from Five Live is the brain dead horse racing tips that clutter up the otherwise interesting R4 Today programme.

What’s worse is that R4 long wave only does the big cricket matches. And it’s been announced that R4 is being removed from long wave.

If it’s other sport, BBC R5 live is the place to be.

Xtra is a blessing for cricket lovers as at last it covers the IPL. Mind you, I would like to be able to get the BBC’s internet cricket commentary streams.

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Yes, it’s great. :smiley:

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