BBC iPlayer on Apple TV - Cannot Log In...?

Since yesterday, my BBC iPlayer Log In has not worked properly on my Apple TV - but is fine on my PC.

Via my Apple TV I get -

“Something Went Wrong.”

“Please try again later.”

Have updated my Apple TV, but no change.

iPlayer is clearly still ‘working’ as when it is viewed on my PC, it shows my latest programmes viewed, correctly.

What I cannot get is the normal 1st screen to load. Other screens such as Search will load and do work. So I can find a programme & watch it. But I cannot get to My Programmes.

Anyone else getting this…?

Have just mailed BBC iPlayer support… :thinking:

I assume you have tried power cycling your Apple TV box?

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Yes, and run an update to the latest Apple tv OS - along with all my other Apple devices.

(I honestly though that was it… but no…)

No change.

I also tried logging out of BBC iPlayer on my Apple box. Again… no change.

Other services such as NetFlix & C4 are fine… :crazy_face:

Which version of iplayer are you using? V2.3.6.159 works fine for me… v number is found under settings menu in iplayer.
Do you have your account shown under setting option of the iplayer home screen?
If so, it would appear you have signed in ok if not, try a reinstall of the iplayer app itself.

Thats the version of iPlayer I have.

Just done a remove & reinstall. No change…

OK, I got it working.

All I did was deleted some Programmes (via my PC) from Added under My Programmes… :astonished:

I now have 10 and the Home Screen works. Before I had 12 or 13.

Surely not…??

(I do recall something similar, I think with C4 - where it misbehaved if there were too many Programmes saved.)

We have 8 in both ‘continue watching’ and ‘your programs’ sections… would be useful to know if there’s a limit if they reply to your mail

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I currently have 2 programmes in Watching - and 10 in Added. This is as shown on my PC.

There are 20 in my Recommended.

See if it breaks again if you add them back in ? that would confirm else it could just be coincidence

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Ok, so I have now added more, up to 12 Programmes. Its still Ok - but I am Logged in already.

It was the Log In which glitched. I cannot see how to Log Out of iPlayer on the Apple TV…?

OK, so I Logged out - and Logged in again. All still working… With 12 programmes.

But - this is NOT the same Log on which glitched before… That was the automatic ‘re-log on’ …

Not clear whats happened. Maybe doing all this has made iPlayer reset itself somehow…?

Perhaps the BBC will reply.

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Just had a reply from the BBC. So… issue was raised with them on …
Saturday 28th October. Reply today, 2nd November - so at least 4 working days :expressionless:

Thats… pretty near useless, BBC.

Nothing of note in their reply. Try again… delete… reinstall try again… blah.

Conclusion - I have no idea what caused this problem - and the BBC seem to have no idea either.

PS. I have replied to the BBC, highlighting how slow they have been - and how ‘generic’ their ‘help’ was.

I have explained that my problem seemed to be resolved when I deleted some Progs from my Added list.

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I contacted the BBC again, highlighting their slow response.

They have responded quickly - and apologized… :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh well, guess we wont know the cause or if deleting was a fix or just coincidence.

As this is Software, it could be anything… :thinking:

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