BBC kill off "A Question of Sport"

The end of an era. Not really a surprise as they deliberately destroyed all that was good about it.


Couldnt agree more. The show has being getting more ridiculous for years. David was best, Sue was excellent. I will miss the old formats.


I expect there will be more cuts of shows due to a vindictive stepping back from a previously agreed licence fee increase. The BBC is the station that has done the most to promote quality in broadcasting and starving it of cash is wrong. I don’t like all the programs they broadcast but I like that they are there and many people do value them. I watch very little TV, listening to Radio 4 or 6 during the day. My must-watch BBC TV shows over the decades have varied but Dr Who, some documentaries and a few comedy shows all make me feel I get great value for money for my licence fee.


I don’t think that it was “deliberate” - rather a series of mutton-headed decisions by the producers to water down what was once a good show.

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I think what I was trying to get at was that they deliberately changed a winning formula. Enough that myself and my friends do not watch it any more.


In that case, we agree entirely!

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Over the years, AQOS has been changed from a semi-serious but relaxed show (with some serious jeopardy around the ‘away questions’), to one latterly which has been dumbed-down by any measure, often trying to be ‘A League of Their Own-lite’ at times, when the audiences for the shows are very different. Why try and convert a sports-based show to one with a major comedic leaning??..if you think McGuiness is in any way humorous (I don’t).

‘Points of View’ may be busy this week.


Not a show I ever found interesting or watchable, just seemed pointless low budget space filling, but clearly a lot of people liked it and for them it is a pity. I doubt the slot will be filled with anything interesting in these inane TV days. The news I heard cited budget, which to me does hint at licence fee cuts. Whilst not a great fan of paying a licence fee, I do value advert-free TV, and a fair bit of Aunty Beeb’s programming over the decades - I’m inclined to think a slightly higher licence fee would be better combined with quality programming - but the trouble is the insanely high salaries paid by other broadcasters, forcing BBC to follow suit: that to me is where the issue lies.


The BBC’s own report says ‘shelved’… :thinking:

A BBC spokesman insisted it was “not the final whistle” and the programme could come back in the future.

I wish BBC would stop trying to be all things to all people and concentrate on its core strengths .

Quality drama, factual documentaries and quality national radio.

Without being political , I feel it has lost its way in other areas. Haven’t watched AQOS in years and don’t know who these people are.


Quality drama? Have you seen Vigil?

No I have recorded it .

Over the years the BBC have done outstanding drama , but I feel they have lost their way somewhat

Over Christmas I intend to watch Tinker , Tailor and Amanda Root in Persuasion , both on DVD - I’m not sure they can do that sort of quality these days. Sadly the last quality drama I watched was the Long Shadow - excellent acting

These days with BBC, it;s MOTD, Gadeners’ Wold Monday Quiz Night on BBC 2 and the occasional live sport . On and sometimes (street cred lost here) Money For Nothing (as long as it has Sarah Moore)

On state occasions , QE2’s state funeral , it’s always BBC . Likewise R3HD is a treat

I will not mention one service as that goes into politics

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…you beat me to it! Years ago, the likes of the US broadcasters looked at BBC drama with green-eyes, now you’d like to think it’s totally the reverse. Somehow, whoever is in BBC’s commissioning departing, literally ‘lost the plot’.


I’m recording this as well but not watched any of it yet. I assume you are saying it is good??

I believe the BBC is trying to appeal to an audience (i.e., young people) who get their kicks from TikTok mostly and then Netflix. My young adults do not watch live TV…ever. That model is over.


Even us older ones watch very little live TV. ( except live sport on Sky)


Far too much live sport - and some recorded .

The drama, the action, the character building, the pathos - love the professional wrestling . Far more believable than some dramas .

I don’t watch any now, gave up my TV licence earlier this year with no regrets.

Its OK and I will continue watching but like many modern dramas, it is sensationalism, unbelievable except as a story with no connection to reality. Also I find this and most modern dramas too quick in trying to develop the story and then tend to force in a ‘surprise’ ending which has little relation to the clues and direction of the main story. All very ITV.

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They used to have a very quality ethic, but not now. Due the current management, their shows are not cutting edge anymore, but more commercial as they try to sell them to other territories. Plus, a lot of their programmes are opinionated, which they have been censored for on a number of occasions.

Although, we have a TV, never watch live TV as it is being broadcast, only on streaming services and must admit haven’t watched a BBC show for years.