BBC new authenticated streams now active on Naim products

@Stevesky - yep already done - and thank you for helping out here.

I can now confirm that the BBC streams as given in the Naim app are now fully working after your update of the URL (removing the s). Sorry it took 2 weeks to get back to you, but my NDS went to the UK to have 4.8 installed, and only returned today.

This may be a daft question but modern smartphones and tablets are likely to have considerably more processing power than those 1st generation Unitis.

Is there any way that the Naim app could be used to process HLS streams and relay the audio to the streamers? Presumably not without Airplay/Chromecast/Bluetooth features or a radical firmware update which may not be viable financially or technically without affecting existing functionality.

Plenty third party apps do this.

There are apps which expose internet radio as upnp and all sorts.

Can’t remember which ones we used with 272 now.

We currently have a RaspberryPi with digital hat filling the gaps on SU (Tidal Connect, FLAC radio etc, DSD over WiFi)


PiCorePlayer does this and even runs on an original Raspberry Pi.

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Does it do Tidal Connect now?

No BBC here on a 2015 HDX. I’ve already raised a support ticket, but I’m wondering if I’ve correctly identified the firmware version - where can I find this?

You should be on 1.7c. In the N-Serve app on iOS go to settings and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Thanks, that’s the version I have.

I have a vague memory of reading, maybe earlier in this thread, that the HDX and Unitiserve can’t be updated to get the HLS streams because the company that would need to amend the bought-in firmware for a critical part of the streaming function went out of business some years ago.

Edit yes it’s in post 10 of this thread in one of Steve’s long postings.

Yes, I saw that but I do have BBC on the internet radio menu, and the HDX is post 2012. I guess I’ll find out when support comes back to me.

I wonder whether you read all of that post from Steve Harris? Way down (it’s a long post!) he says:

“As a side note the Unitiserve, HDX, NS01, NS02, NS03 also do not support HLS so will also loose BBC radio support. Due to the age of the platform and the tech company Digifi that made the platform back in 2006 closed down in 2015, we have no opportunity to add HLS support to them.”

Yes, that doesn’t look promising. Still waiting for a reply from support…

It’s the Unitis that are pre 2012 that have problems, but so do all of the servers he mentions which are completely different architecture and electronics to the Unitis. You don’t need to wait for Support to come back to you, as you already have it direct from the Software R&D director :slightly_frowning_face:

Hi all,

Update on this one.

The BBC are entering the next phase of this.
Switch over to token only streams will start on 6th September and should be fully transitioned if all goes to plan by 29th. The old HLS BBC streams will gradually stop working during this time.

For Naim customers there should be no impact as we have been running on the new token based URL’s for over 2.5 months and all is stable now.

If a BBC station does stop working that is stored as a preset, I recommend browse to the station in the radio directory, select it (it should play) and then resave it again to the same preset number.

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.


I have the exact same streamer as you, and it’s getting a bit long in the tooth now. That said, I updated the firmware a few weeks ago to re-enable TIDAL after their authentication change at their end. I’ve just checked and BBC radio is working perfectly.

Edit: I did have the 24-bit upgrade done in the factory a few years back when it went back to have the display panel replaced. If you haven’t had this upgrade, then sadly, the new HLS streams won’t work.

Hi Steve
I have a NAC-N 272 s/no. 472262 running 4.8 firmware.
Almost all BBC stations not working. World Service still running.
How can I get R3, R4 etc back again, please?


It appears it may be an outage from Vtuner. See this thread here;

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