BBC new authenticated streams now active on Naim products

I can see all of the BBC options on my NDX 4.8.
And despite that this thread is specific for BBC outside UK, I’m in UK.
But something is going on, it’s very slow, spinning wheel etc.
If I load a BBC that I already have on presets, it shows the star as not infilled, so the current program is not the same as the preset I have.
So I’ve deleted the BBC presets I had and reloaded again from the latest Naim ‘BBC Radio’ selection.
That worked OK, but as I said, at the moment it’s very slow, I suspect it’ll be all OK tomorrow

Hi Thanks for your response. BBC Radio 2 does indeed now play, but trying Radio 3, which I assume you have not modified, still gives you can’t connect. Regards Steve

Hi everyone,

Based on the @SteveOrm part of this thread we’ll get the BBC URL’s converted to http only URL’s.
If you still have issues by Monday evening UK time, please raise a support ticket to:

Please specify:

  • Your location (country)
  • Device (eg. NDS), Serial number & firmware version installed
  • if you see the BBC option on the internet radio home menu?
  • Can you browse BBC streams in the internet radio directory?
  • Can you play the station after browsing the internet directory - if so is it 320,128, or 96K?
  • Can you provide your public IP address. So in Google type ‘What’s my IP’

With regards

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.


Working well for me in New Zealand through my NDX2. Bit rates do seem a bit strange, but I do hear an improvement in audio quality.

Hi Once again many thanks. I look forward to seeing if that solves problem when I check on Monday evening. I will report back afterwards. Regards Steve


Would these changes you’re planning apply to my 2010 Uniti too, and allow it to reconnect to BBC Radio 3/4?



Hi @SteveOrm,

That Https to http change is now live can you check if all is now working.



Hi Dinarius,

Based on it’s a 2010 Uniti and if its not had any upgrades on the streaming card in its life then unfortunately I don’t think you will be getting the BBC HLS streams on this product.

May I suggest contact our help desk (I posted the details in an earlier post) and they can check the exact capabilities of that device.

With regards

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.

Hi I am sorry, but I decided last minute to send my NDS to a dealer for the 4.8 update with a friend who was headed to the UK. So my NDS won’t be back for a couple of weeks. Perhaps someone else with a similar problem, and location, can confirm that the deletion of the ‘s’ has resolved the problem. If you look at the raw URL it does not have the s at the end, so I am fairly confident the problem is resolved. Thanks SteveOrm

Unfortunately not yet solved - at least in my case.

Hi @Sinewave

Can you raise a support ticket with our support team (there is a post above on the email address to send to and details required) and we will aim to sort this one out. If the NDX is on 4.8 then thia unit ahould be fine to play the new streams.

With regards


@Stevesky - yep already done - and thank you for helping out here.

I can now confirm that the BBC streams as given in the Naim app are now fully working after your update of the URL (removing the s). Sorry it took 2 weeks to get back to you, but my NDS went to the UK to have 4.8 installed, and only returned today.

This may be a daft question but modern smartphones and tablets are likely to have considerably more processing power than those 1st generation Unitis.

Is there any way that the Naim app could be used to process HLS streams and relay the audio to the streamers? Presumably not without Airplay/Chromecast/Bluetooth features or a radical firmware update which may not be viable financially or technically without affecting existing functionality.

Plenty third party apps do this.

There are apps which expose internet radio as upnp and all sorts.

Can’t remember which ones we used with 272 now.

We currently have a RaspberryPi with digital hat filling the gaps on SU (Tidal Connect, FLAC radio etc, DSD over WiFi)


PiCorePlayer does this and even runs on an original Raspberry Pi.

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Does it do Tidal Connect now?

No BBC here on a 2015 HDX. I’ve already raised a support ticket, but I’m wondering if I’ve correctly identified the firmware version - where can I find this?

You should be on 1.7c. In the N-Serve app on iOS go to settings and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Thanks, that’s the version I have.