BBC Not Streaming on Uniti Atom


All internet radio stations working fine with the exception of BBC ?

Am assuming its something to do with living abroad, but I use a VPN which works absolutely fine with everything else.



Hi KHB, welcome to the Naim forum,

On Naim iRadio the BBC service is restricted to UK/Ire, outside UK you can get it via ‘Locations>Europe>UK’

It can sometimes take more than just a VPN to fool the BBC into thinking that you’re in the UK. How this affects Naim iRadio, I wouldn’t know, but I suspect that if you navigate to the stations as Mike suggests, you will find that some, but not all functions will work.

As Chris says, VPN is not a guaranteed way to bypass IP detect.
When I’m in SA I haven’t found a VPN that works to get past BBC, but the same VPN works on other www sites I’ve tried.
It the same with HDTracks USA (dot com), it seems to detect when I’m outside USA, sometimes I get a connection, most times not.

I’m not up to speed with any of this “streaming” business.

Mike says “on Naim iRadio the BBC service is restricted to the UK/Ire…”

Is there an easily explained reason for this ?

I think it’s just that the BBC is funded by license fee payers in the UK, and they are not going to make all of their services available globally, for free, as this costs money.

Hi Don, like wot Chris says … plus
BBC assume a UK IP address is a licence payer & as such get the HLS service. The HLS service includes all the BBC national & all the local services plus On Demand & Podcasts with either ‘HD’ over 48kHz 339kb/s & SD over 135bp/s . If using Naim iRadio, the Naim app provides the HLS links, outside Naim the HLS service is available via other means. But it needs a UK IP address.

Outside UK, the BBC services can be connected just like any other webradio service, but its a regular MP3 128kb/s type service, not HLS.

Update: Turned off the VPN and BBC works fine albeit without the higher bitrate versions of the channels that seem to be available in the UK

Hi, thanks for your feedback, still no joy by using location instead of BBC icon. Went back to shop and their demo unit works fine on BBC without and VPN and is using same firmware 3.3. will do a full reset and see if that helps.

Thanks again


Thanks Mike, thanks Chris, Nice explanations and I think I understand.

Presumably the OP is unable to capture the MP3 128kb/s type service which should be freely (both finacially and technically) available via his Naim iRadio ?

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Sounds like great news to me :sunglasses:

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