BBC Quiz Archive

It suggested a mastermind type experience of old questions, but just seems to give 10 random ones with quite a long time to answer but may be a bit of fun.

Probably not navigating it too well so far and have only managed 5 possibly because of lots of trivia rather than factual content, alternatively I’m dim.

I think I was on some telly trivia quiz - the Tomorrow’s World one has old video snippets and is quite fascinating.

Not sure if individual links work:

Nope, just takes you to the ‘themed’ landing page - just watched a self-parking car from 1990.

(Not sure if there are only 7 questions!)

This is fascinating, well to me anyway:

As is this, I no longer feel guilty about allowing the kids to use iPads at a young age, and school lessons via computer perfectly reflects what happened during lockdowns.

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