BBC radio 3

And while it’s not FLAC (sigh) it certainly doesn’t sound rubbish.


I’m also having problems with any BBC radio station. Classic FM plays perfectly well (at least the adverts, don’t tend to listen for more that 5 secs)

I’m using a Muso-QB via Wi-Fi and a Muso wired

I retuned about 8 weeks ago

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Hello David, all BBC stations disappearing was a familiar cry about six months ago, I see you have retuned, all I can suggest is that you try it again.

Sorry all I can suggest

I spoke to Naim in early January and they said they had been having problems over Christmas with their radio data supplier or some such but by the time I phoned it had been sorted. It’s been fine since and there is nothing else on this forum.

It’s amazing, how much of this crucial stuff is farmed out to third-parties. The music comes from one place, the artwork from somewhere else, the lyrics from yet another place, and the bio from somewhere else

The same is true of financial data.

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