BBC radio 3

Anyone having problems with this? No sound for me other stations ok

FM and internet radio are both working ok here.

Thanks David perhaps I should restart BT hub?

All OK for me, maybe its the changes in BBC streaming over the last months, a few problems have been reported on the forum.
Suggest deleting all your BBC ‘Favourites’ on the app & reload from the Naim iRadio BBC listings

Have you tried going back and finding radio 3 in the menu structure and reselecting it? The BBC made some changes and the old URLs don’t work any more. (Ie the same as Mike suggested).

Seems to be a problem with iradio tab I.e slow/non responsive/spinning wheel

Working on FM and online here.

Restarted hub no change all fav stations working except bbc, cannot access iradio station to re select, all other functions ok on streamer ok, just seems to be bbc radio stream and iradio selector/list not working

I realise it probably doesn’t help you with your issue, but it’s all working fine here, both FM and through both my Naim streamers on the HD signal. I haven’t needed to ‘retune’ the streamers either.

Do you often listen because if not you may have to reset the station?

Th BBC moved them all (being technical here) so a reset is needed

Issue resolved, I don’t how! I don’t use iradio search/list much just jazz groove favourite, perhaps the iradio list had to “rebuild/refresh” ?
Thanks to all for suggestions.

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Spoke too soon still having problems

iradio tab not responding/slow

Selecting radio direct from streamer using remote seems to reactivate iradio
Perhaps streamer needs a reset?

When all else fails … a system reboot
Turn it all off including router, be sure to leave it off for 5 mins or more so the ISP system logs that your router is off line.
Then restart, one at a time, router first and let it completly finish its restart process, then one at a time, everything else.

Finally have you actually deleted the BBC programs links in the app front screen favourites?
Then reinstalled from the Naim app BBC listing?

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Thanks Mike, it seems to be working ok now, if it goes wrong again I’ll try a reboot. I possibly caused a problem by having the app open on 2 devices iPad and iPhone at the same time?

A problem? With R3?

Yes. It’s 101kb/s. Sounds rubbish.

Naim’s 1st gen streamers only allow one device at a time to control them. With 2nd gen you can use two or more simultaneously.

Not in the UK. We can get 348kbps.

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