BBC Radio 4

I couldn’t get a connection but then:

“Due to rights restrictions this part of ghe programme is not available”?

Desert island discs? I believe this sometimes occurs with music.

Really annoys me - pay your TV licence but cannot access certain parts of shows. For example, I’d like to tune in to Radio Nottingham for Forest games and cause I’m in London, I cannot access - really annoying.

Use BBC Sounds app. I ve listened to Radio Sheffield in

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Yes, BBC Sounds App is the way. I suspect that you would need to listen to games live as they won’t be available later?

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My son lives in London and is an ardent Forest fan. I think the only way he can listen is through the Forest website - and he has to pay!


Since the demise of radio playback via the Naim hardwire, I use an echo dot connected via Bluetooth to my 172. I then ask Alexa to play BBC sounds followed by…

I’m not interested in soccer (silly game). I was trying to listen to the “Today” programme. on R4 via my Focal & Naim app.

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