BBC radio channels -alternative access method without "sounds/I-player""

I am starting a new thread which is for those who want to access BBC radio at high quality but want a direct player for computers which supports favorites and playlists etc. If you use only a Naim streamer this won’t bother you.

Your network needs a running Logitech media Server. This is open source software and it has a plug-in to allow access to BBC Sounds. Basically you provide your BBC log-in and all the radio channels become available. In addition to the server on your network you also need a player which can be on the same or another device, computer based of other hardware. I am using the squeezelite-X app and this works for me.

Whether you use the Logitech server only for radio is entirely your choice. It supports a wide range of sources if required.

If this is of interest and you want more information just ask questions.

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I have made some further progress with Logitech Media Server and installed it on a Raspberry Pi 4. As well as the BBC Sounds plug-in I have also used the UPNP bridge plug-in which gives me complete freedom to play server output via any compatible player device or software including the Naim QB of course.

Finally I have mounted my central media storage using CIFS protocol so I can play anything from my digital music collection and even synchronise output across more than one room.

So perhaps I should be grateful to the BBC for curtailing its direct HD radio streams. Pity its made it so complicated!


Another Iteration:

I had the opportunity to buy a micro computer based on the Intel N4000 cpu which came complete with Windows 11 Pro. So I have moved LM Server on to this and incorporated it into my main hi-fi system. I can run it without screen at a power consumption of less than 4 watts then turn on the screen for serious armchair listening via my iFi Zen DAC when required.

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