BBC radio, not the usual

Anyone noticed a change in the BBC sound lately.

I noticed about a week or so ago that Gary Davies (R2) voice had got deeper. Thought probably a cold or similar. This am turned R2 on and Zoe Ball had a deep voice, then Gary Davies is apparently standing in for Vernon Kay and he still has the deep voice. Both have lost something from their upper register. Not a cold with a fluctuating voice, just deeper across the range. Strange.

Could there be a flu outbreak at Auntie Beeb?

(Which seems to have missed the Radio 3 studios!)

Could be your hat needs a new “Tinfoil” lining @bruss :wink:

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Good point R4 sounds normal. R2 and now the travel guy’s choice has changed and he is unusually in the studio rather than down the line. It’s an R2 thing. New mics or studio refresh?

Are you listening to internet radio? The beeb have changed their encoding recently which may explain it.

Yes, aware of the changes and already using an hls stream. I think it is just R2 presenters, music sounds much the same quality.

To a new “lossy” system.
That’s progress.

it was already a lossy system, I doubt they’d supply flac streams for all their stations considering some of it is just speech and listened to on lo-fi systems or speakers. Are there not higher res streams available of bbc sounds? To me the new AAC stream of radio 3 sounds very good and better than previous mp3

Not via bbc sounds but hls stream is still available. I also believe the the various integration providers such as tunein etc are paying the bbc for hires streams.

No BBC output in FLAC, sadly. The experimental broadcasts of the Proms in FLAC a few years ago showed just how good they could sound, but they’ve not been repeated and the Beeb shows little inclination to do so.


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