BBC radio not working

Anyone else having trouble with the bbc hls streams this morning?

Get a few seconds then goes and repeat.

And no, it’s not my network or internet!

My BBC is OK this morning, but last evening Paradise was going off for a second or so every few minutes. - that was around midnight

Mine is fine today … BBC R4. Life scientific and book of the week.

Probably something to do with the cyber attack on the Labour Party!


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About half an hour ago it came back on for around 10 minutes and now has not and will not connect at all!

Other stations are working ok

I don’t know whether @Stevesky knows of any service issues.


Currently no issues at VTuner. The server is up and the BBC links are all valid. The stations are playing here (Surrey area).

I suspect this is a localized issue on the BBC’s CDN - just wait 1hrs and it will probably be sorted,.

With regards

Steve Harris
Software Director

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Thanks Guys,

All seemed to be sorted later on in the day.

Hampshire area.

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