BBC radio to DACV1 ... and FM?

System: DACV1 - XS2 - PMC Twenty20s. I just want to add BBC radio streaming in some form. Maybe other online stations. I could attach an old Android phone by cable. But is there any way to do this using the network without getting an expensive streamer? It doesn’t feel worth the cost to me, as I’m really happy with my CD/laptop server/vinyl inputs.

I’m sorry if I’ve managed to ask a common and frequently answered question in yet another way here!

Cheeky second question: budget FM tuner suggestions? One local station (California) is hard to get online.

You say you use a laptop, why not just play BBC material on that. Presumably you have it connected to the V1?

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Sorry, should have clarified. It’s set up as a server. It’s closed on the rack and I access Foobar from my phone. Really fiddly to open it to switch to radio. I currently stream to my Muso from my phone, but I’d rather move that to a different room and use the PMCs.

If you want to play from an Android phone you would need an OTG cable to use it into the V1 USB input, although I’m not sure that would work (the V1 being intended for use with Windows or Mac computers) and in any case, there is only one USB input which I presume you are already using.
You may be able to connect the phone using a USB to SPDIF converter if you have spare digital inputs on the V1.
Other than that, you really need a streamer. If it’s just for internet radio there are plenty of options out there which are a lot cheaper than a Naim streamer.

Thanks. Yes, USB used, but there’s a few slots free. I saw some recs here for streamers. I’ll take a look.

If you can track down a Chromecast Audio dongle then you can use the optical digital connection. And cast from phone app.

I have this set-up with my DAC-V1.

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Good idea, that would free up the phone instead of having it wired to the DAC too. (For iOS users an Airport Express would ba another option, but with Android the Chromecast is the way to go.)

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Many thanks to all. This is what I was after. Perfect.

Your challenge is to find one at a sensible price. Since Google discontinued the audio dongle, they are fetching double the original retail price on auction sites.

But worth seeking out.

‘New in box’ one on the way for $40. Yes, the other prices were daft.

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