Just wondering as the 10” Spotify version has sold out and is selling at a premium now, did many people manage to grab one ??

I tried to get a 12” version but all had sold out too.
7 inch still available. What version did you get?? Any major differences between the 7, 10 and 12??

My wallet remained closed for this Beatles release and just didn’t feel the need to plunge for the single nor the Red & Blue reimagining on vinyl. May pick up the Red & Blue CDs at some point, or perhaps the high res downloads.

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You may get more responses if you posted this on the existing Now and Then thread.

3” 2” & 5”
Sorry. :wink:
I seen a TV advert for the single today I thought they were all gone. :thinking:

Didn’t even realise there was another thread, my bad. I got the 10 inch as a gift , so was proper chuffed . I was going to buy the 7 inch but I’m guessing the 12 inch would be a 33 speed ??

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I can’t even find the 7” now , rough trade did have some (notts store) last time I looked . Stupidly I should have picked another copy up when I had the chance.

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