Beatles Red and Blue

I noticed the above hype sticker on the reissued Beatles ’67-’70 “Blue” compilation earlier today. It reads, “All analogue master from the original master tapes.”

That’s not something you typically see on the (stereo) reissued Beatles LPs. The “Red” album makes the same claim.

I wonder if anyone can answer the following questions:

  1. What exactly does that hype sticker statement mean?
  2. How do these reissued ‘analogue’ compilations sound?

My understanding is that the stereo LP reissues were made from digital copies of the tapes, whereas the mono box set wasn’t (correct?). So, are these compilations made up of mono tracks, except for the later songs? Are they stereo tracks, but cut differently from the stereo LPs?

In the light of the emerging MoFi ‘scandal’, is the “analogue master” statement meaningless, in that it doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t a digital link in the chain somewhere?

Many thanks.


It’s a compilation. Who cares?!

Erm, me.


Good for you. As I said, it’s a compilation!

And what’s wrong with a compilation?
Why the snobbery?


@Isca_Dumnoniorum – the 2014 reissues of Red and Blue are indeed all-analogue. But only those ones (and the 1970s ones as well, of course). They sound great.


What snobbery? It’s a freaking COMPILATION!!!

Thank you Kev. I have a soft spot for these compilations - I have two beat up copies from years ago (purchased in the early 80s) - a roadmap for me into the Beatles.

As for compilations generally, I have the ‘The Beatles in Mono’ triple LP, which is excellent - and very enjoyable.

My hearing’s fine, so no need to shout thanks.
OK, you’ve established it’s a “COMPILATION”. Does that somehow devalue the songs included on it? You are aware that a lot of The Beatles singles were never included on their released studio albums?
The only other way to get them was to buy the 7" singles separately. There are some among us who do not want to play at “DJ” and prefer to listen to a whole 33.3 rpm album side.


If you want all of the Non Album Beatles Singles (to go with your Beatles albums), look out the Past Masters … Compilation(s)… :roll_eyes:

The Beatles - Past Masters

Nothing wrong IMO… with a compilation… :crazy_face:


Amusing article about compilations in this morning’s Sunday Times…


ID, my understanding is that these Beatles Red and Blue album reissues were cut from the analogue master tapes.

I didn’t bother buying these as I already have two sets of mint originals, so I don’t know how they sound or compare.

Musically, of course, they are indispensable. I reckon that every child born should be given a set of these as their birthright.


Did that with my twins 25 years ago when they were born. Sprinkled in a fair bit of other founding fathers as well.



Yes, I already have that one on double vinyl and 2 CDs.

A number of the tracks on “Past Masters” were previously available on the earlier “Rarities” albums. I have two very different copies; the relatively common British release with the blue cover (shown below, on the left), and another “Rarities” which sourced material from the rare Capitol Records 1966 “The Beatles - Yesterday and Today” album with the infamous Butcher scene album cover. This picture is reproduced inside the gatefold sleeve of this ‘Rarities’. Vegetarians may wish to look away!

Sorry for the poor picture quality.


Hi Isca,

I too have well loved originals of the Blue & Red albums, the Blue was my first ever LP purchase with my own money. (WH Smith, Bradford circa 1975-76, for the record!)

The 2014 editions, as said above, are all analogue cuts and both sound fantastic. I bought both so I could hear and have a non timeworn copy alongside my much loved purchases from pre-teen years.

As for compilations, these two are essential in my view. There’s also of course, non-album singles here, too.

These two were my entry point to the greatest band of all time. I love them.


Couldn’t have said it better myself Charles. I am now very tempted the remastered copies.


Tony, these are THE compilations (i.e. all you ever need, the only other one perhaps could be Neil Young’s Decade)… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

An oldie but goldie.


:joy:priceless Andy

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I have got nothing against compilations!:sunglasses: