Bed bugs

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I don’t often say ‘gross’, but that’s gross!

What the hell were they feeding on?

Lots of bed bug related stories popping up lately in the news.

Like the fake news surrounding the “Rona”
You don’t get it until you’ve got it.
Amen and sleep tight.

I had a short linear row of bites on my arm during the summer, had not been away, hopefully not these bad boys, and nothing of a similar pattern since, but like my mother I react quite badly to insect bites.

Mrs AC is feeling cold/shivery/horrendous tonight - she was ‘booster’ vaccinated yesterday and probably fortunately declined flu vaccine at the same time. We’re on leave for a week after tomorrow typical bad timing if it doesn’t settle.

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I’m sorry to hear that. So far the Pfizer jab hasn’t been so bad for me compared to Moderna and Sanofi.
Although really depends if you have already had covid bad before to begin with.

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I managed to (AFAIK) dodge covid until March this year - missed my Feb booster due to a date mix up on my part, and probably contracted it at a conference in early March - extreme tiredness, sniffly and a cough was about it and I thought that was due to being stuck in heavy smoke on the M1 with a fire on the opposite carriageway which closed both for hours.

Had Mrs AC not come down with it quite badly a few days later I’d never have tested but the lateral flow was positive in less than a minute.

Many many people getting both at same time - which is part of effective vaccine delivery. Not sure that propogating the idea that this isn’t ideal/appropriate on a public forum is OK??

Thanks for pointing that out. I don’t think I was implying (and certainly had no intent to imply) people shouldn’t have both if they are offered them at the same time as is common, and it’s certainly logistically sensible and an effective use of resources.

Does it come across differently to the casual forum reader?

It was her decision not to have both, it was just a comment more related to us all having a few days off as she was really feeling quite cold and shivery yesterday evening. We all react differently to vaccines, she may have felt a little worse with both, she may have felt no different. Either way symptoms should hopefully soon pass. Many of course have no appreciable symptoms after vaccinations whatsoever apart from a little (if any) soreness at the injection site.

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I got the meaning if your post, I.e. good job she didn’t have both if the one jab made her feel like cr@p. Didn’t for one minute think you were being anti vax etc.

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Thanks. I’m assuming she’ll be getting the flu vaccine separately at some stage, but again that’s her decision/choice not mine.

Love this forum, bed bugs to covid in 11 posts.


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And no one has mentioned Rush yet🤣


Small mercies eh?

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It was the OP (I think) who first raised it.

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My introduction to the little horrors was about 60 years ago.
As a young man I worked in London for a fine art and overseas removal company.
I was learning to estimate overseas removal costs.
I quoted and obtained a diplomatic removal.
The day after a call from the Forman summoned me to the packing shop.
A rough hand grasped the back of my neck and my face was thrust into some bedding.
‘I will hold you here for a couple of minutes whilst you sniff.Sniff hard’
‘If ever you involve me with this again I will….
The bedding was alive. I learnt to sniff in some of the poshest bedrooms.


I have had quite severe reactions to the three boosters I’ve had, much like Mrs. AC. No fever but felt horrible for about three days. The initial inoculations caused me hardly any issues. Felt a bit cheap for a day and had a slightly sore arm. Weird …

One thing I do recommend is the Pneumonia inoculation. I am severely prone to Pneumonia, Pluresy, Bronchitis, Plurodinia, basically any chest infection. I’m quite certain that my lungs will take me in the end.
After I had the Pneumonia jab, I didn’t have a chest infection for about 4 years, after having about two per year before that.

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