Beethoven Symphony no.7

Can anyone help please? The third movement of this symphony was used for the signature tune to a radio or TV BBC programme, possibly in the 1970s or 1980s. Anyone remember?

Horse of the year show?

No not that, it was Carl Sagan’ Cosmos.

Just found the answer from someone else: BBC Radio 2, broadcast on Sunday mornings, hosted by David Jacobs or Richard Baker.

The 7th was used for a 70s sci-fi film called Zardoz. Sean Connery and a ginat flying head.


Thanks RCH, that one escaped me, perhaps fortunately!

I have vague memories of seeing it as part of a science fiction all-nighter at the Scala in the early ‘80s. A better film than its reputation, although Connery in a red mankini isn’t something to cherish.


I remember that. I bought a recording of the symphony the day after I saw the film.

Well put. However, any film with Charlotte Rampling gets my vote.


“I’ve always enjoyed watching Charlotte Rampling…” (Eric Morecambe circa 1978"



I remember seeing it there…could have been the same all-nighter!

I was the one with hair down near to my waist, lol!

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A bit off topic, but the first time I truly enjoyed Beethoven was listening to his 7th conducted by Kleiber.

I’ve no idea how to rample.

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Glorious piece of music.

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