Belden 1303e Catsnake 6a


A week ago, I installed a Belden Catsnake 1303e ethernet cable (28m), to connect my first Bonn N8 switch to a Cisco2960.

My impressions are a very nice opening of the midrange, a high end that plays with finesse, but since the bass has become muddy, it lacks life and the sound seems to stay in the speakers.
I’m a bit disappointed…

Have you seen similar things with the Belden 1303e?

Thank you

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I found more extended and articulate bass with mine, but it did take a few days to burn in, starting OK, getting worse and finally coming clean. That said, I suspect it may simply produce too much bass for some systems to control in some rooms… so it could also be that.

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My two CatSnake 6as (with floating screens) took a couple of days to come on song.

It could be however that the CatSnake 6a does not suit your system/room. Leave it a few days before deciding.

Thank you for your advice, currently I am approaching 200 hours with the catsnake in operation.
I don’t think a few more times are going to make me like this setup.
Too bad, it could have been interesting if it sounded more lively.

Try Chord Shawline next, its way more lively. came from Catsnake 6a myself (of same reason). Tried Epic (and C-stream) aswell, but preferred Shawline by some margin.

Does the Chord EE switch come with the Chord Shawline ethernet cable?

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No the EE8 comes supplied with a Chord C-Stream I believe.

Yes thank you

I cannot afford several meters of expensive cable (28 meters for this position).
It was for this reason that I headed for the Belden.
But at home, I notice that a simple installation cable is more suitable.

My last cable before Streamer is a “Logilink Flat awg32 U/UTP” and so far no cable has been able to replace it.

Well I use 15m of noname cable and they all sound pretty equally if 5e with standard plugs. See No reason to change that out, its what’s plugged in from the EE Switch the last meter to streamer that counts

That is what I found. I liked what it did well - but the bass became very oppressive and in the end I could not make it work in my system.

I have heard a similar Belden cable of Cat5e spec work in a friend’s system for a very long run and it worked well I thought.

Nothing like trying yourself and it does not matter if it works well for others it may not suit your system and you is what I have found.

One thing to try is the very last hop to the HiFi being a different cable type - it does not have to all be the same, I use and prefer a mix of different types. That does imply you use a final extra switch neat the HiFi though…


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I think the last meter is important, but the connection between the two switches has shown me that it is also possible to create a problem there.

My network:
Router -> Cinnamon 1m -> Bonn N8 -> R&M cat6 awg26 F / STP floating 1m -> Cisco2960 -> Logilink Flat cat6 awg32 U / UTP 1m -> NDX

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