Best 4k player

The top players used to be the Oppo UPD-203 vs Cambridge CXUHD. Now the Oppo isn’t made anymore and a Panasonic dp-ub9000 has come along.

Does anyone have any knowledge on the best current player.

The Panasonic is the best player at the moment. Pioneers LX500 and 800 are also very good but the 800 would only make sense if you are really need the DAC - there is also a Panasonic DP-UP824 which has the same video specs but not the same costly audio section and does not look as good but its a brilliant picture for less than half the price. Depending what your system consists of and where you place it, it might be also be interesting. Both Panasonic’s have Netflix and amazon prime etc included and are able to upscale the data very good.

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Hi Count.d, I’ve got the Oppo 203, which will probably outlast me, but according to “Which?”, their Best Buy is the Samsung UBD-K8500. They preferred it to the Panasonic.

Sony has also announced a M2 version of their UBP-X800 player which is supposed to be brilliant for the money

I second tonym’s post above. I bought the UBD8500 a year ago after reading the Which? report. It shows vibrant and vivid colours effortlessly, all for silly money and I cannot recommend it enough.

The built quality of the dp-up 9000 is outstanding and you could only compare it to the Pioneer 800.
Maybe this helps:

Thanks for the advice everyone.

I grabbed the CXUHD last year and it’s noticeably bettter than the Panasonic UB400 I also have. At the time the CXUHD had the best reviews for SQ, which is my priority for Bluray music. Since then the latest Panasonic has come out, and seems to have great reviews.

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