Best 82 socket for Amazon fire stick via tv set

Hallo. I’m here with a new question for you. I’ve arranged this 82/160/supercap streaming from Amazon music via Amazon fire stick on tv. Tv set has an RCA output, that I connected to 82 via a proper cable, ending din. Question is: now it is connected on aux. It is this the best possible connection to 82? Or I would be better off using another socket? Many thanks. PS I’m exploring the forum Streaming section to see advise for a better source of streaming. I know this one is poor

My understanding is that all sockets on the NAC82 are identical

All sockets are equal but some are more equal than others…

(P.S. on the 72, the tuner socket is better than the others).

@GadgetMan Is it so?!? I thought they all had different boards

@Wugged_Woy well that’s what I thought. In fact there should be all different boards Perhaps I should ask Naim directly.

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Looks like this inside. All inputs very similar, to the same board.

Robert-h thank you very much for your useful info.